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Burkes Peerage Foundation Award 2022

I'm delighted that Gillian has won me the Burkes Peerage Foundation Award for the most classically inspired portrait in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition, 2022. 

Andrew Festing film

Last year I had the good fortune to win the William Lock Portrait Prize, and with a portion of the winnings I aimed to do something that would benefit portraiture in return.

I approached Andrew Festing earlier this year on the subject of the Royal Society's Jubilee show and gathered from him that he'd be happy to sit for me and also be interviewed and recorded for Phil Wilkinson to then make a short film about our project. 

Andrew is one of the most esteemed 20th century portrait painters and, like many of his generation, he is less well known in the more digital formats that are common today amongst my own generation of painter. This seems a shame given how many younger painters, and many others besides, are keen to know the life stories of our foremost artists.

3rd Prize, Portrait Society of America 2022

I'm delighted that my portrait of Flora won 3rd Prize at the Portrait Society of America's Art of the Portrait conference in Atlanta.

Charles Pears Award 2021

This Painting of Howick has been awarded the Charles Pears Award at the annual exhibition of the Royal Society of Marine Artists 2021. The awarded is given for "the most outstanding work, in any medium, by a non member." 

William Lock Portrait Prize 2021

The Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition was able to go ahead in the flesh this year, and this self portrait was awarded the William Lock Portrait Prize "for the most timeless portrait with a real feeling for paint and it's aesthetic potential."

Portrait Society of America, First Prize Painting

After long delays and postponments due to Covid, the placements from The International 2020, hosted by Portrait Society of America, were announced on 8th May 2021. This self portriat was awarded First Prize Painting.


Staff Award ARC Salon 2021

Rumination was awarded a Staff Award in the short list for the ARC Salon in the US. 

Portrait Society of America 2020

This self portrait has been selected as a finalist among another 22 paintings, from 2600 entries. I along with the portrait will go to Orlando in the autumn to see if the painting has won a further prize at the Art of the Portrait conference. 

BP Portrait Award 2019

With my entry Rumination at the opening of the BP Portrait Award 2019, on 11th June. 


Certificate of Excellence, Portrait Society of America 2019

The Reading Lesson has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from the Portrait Society of America in this years International competition, 2019,

New Generation Award RSMA 2018

Delighted to win the 2018 New Generation Award at the RSMA, with this paitning painted on the dunes at Bamburgh, with the ranging cattle. 

Election to Membership of The Royal Society of Portrait Painters 2018

At the AGM of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters in May 2018, I gained enough votes to be elected to full membership of the RP. I had been a candidate for a long while so I'm thrilled to have been accepted into the society.

Certificate of Excellence at Portrait Society of America 2018

Delighted to have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from the Portrait Society of America's "The Art of the Portrait" 2018, with this portrait of Edd and Mango, "Companions"


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